Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Hidden Tricks And Mysteries

In this guide, you will find a few hidden features in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Because the players always strive for new and hidden tricks, including mysteries in the games. So you don’t need to wait anymore. Some secret tricks and mysteries have been found.

Hidden Tricks And Features:

Press “T” on the map: Starting from the first, you can find it in the game’s map. Most of you might not have seen both of these features before. You have to press the letter T. It is for fast travel and teleport you to one of your Wells. Moreover, you can travel through the Realms. So, why will you run from and to Disney Dreamlight Castle every time you attempt to do a quest? When you only have to press T, it will teleport you immediately. You only need to pay heed if it works out of your map by pressing T.

PressF” to toggle filters: Open up your map and press F to toggle filters. Through this feature, you may toggle off the things you are not using on your screen. You can also use it for the characters, all the houses, goofy stalls, and wells.

Switch between the times: In the menu of your game, if you go below the setting, you can switch between the times of the day in the game. It does not have any effect on the real gameplay. But if you always play at night and start unliking the darkness, you can set the time to daylight outside, and your game will have daylight. It is super easy!

Getting the golden potato: Go into your menu, and below Help, there is a spot to write a redemption code. You have to write GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM. You should earn a golden potato; it seems useless in the game, but let’s see if it works somewhere. This thing is pretty cool; you will get a notification in your game’s mailbox that says, “A mysterious object.” Open it up, and you will find a golden potato with an option to claim it. There is also a written message. “you stumble upon a golden item that looks weirdly like a potato. Who knows what secrets it holds?” Now, look into your inventory; you will find a mysterious shiny golden potato that might not be eaten. You cannot interact with it in any way, but there is something unusual with it. This purple star normally indicates a friendship quest in the game. So, this potato can probably be used in the later updates of the game. But nothing can be said surely right now.

A secret room after the quest: You must complete your quest for a secret room. If you have completed your quest, you should know about the room in the back. You will find something curious in this room. You will find a few chests in the room full of loot, not only in this room but also in the main room. You will discover plenty of jewels here and can make a lot of money by selling them. You will also find shining books all over the room, except the jewels.

Books cannot be taken: You cannot take them but read them. For instance, one of the books says a classic fairy tale book about a prince in trouble and a lass to be rescued. There will be another book, which is Scrooge’s accounting records. This book comprises all of Scrroge’s accounting records before forgetting. It seems he was selling them in great numbers for a huge profit. The next one is Minnie’s polka dot compendium. You cannot even imagine that you could find this great variety of books like these. And as for the last one, you will find a book in a miserable condition. It looks as if it has been read so many times. Someone created a tower on its first page. This looks highly suspicious, and it will remind you of Rupenzel’s tower. It hints that Rupenzel will be added to the game soon. When Rupenzel was captured in the tower, she had nothing to do except read books the whole time.

On A Final Note

There would be so many other hidden features that are not yet discovered. But will be found out over time. All these mysteries, secret features, and hidden tricks make this game more interesting and provoke individuals to play them.