How to Play as DLC Characters for Free in Dragonball FighterZ

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to play all DLC characters for free in Dragon Ball FIghterZ.

If you have not purchased the DLCs characters yet, there is a way to try them out. Many people quite well know this trick, but this guide is for you for those who don’t know. So what you need to do is go to the arcade mode and select Captain Ginyu along with any 2 fighters of your choice. 

So now you have selected the random fighters courses as they give you a chance to fight the DLC characters. The best would be the last one as it is the longest course and gives you more opportunities to play as different DLC fighters. 

You will be if you get a chance to fight Gogeta SSGSS in your first battle. 

All you need to do now is use Captain Ginyu’s level 3 and switch bodies, giving you full control of Gogeta SSGSS. 

Use Ginyu’s level 3 and switch the bodies, and then you can play as Gogeta SSGSS for free. 

After that, pause the game, and you can have access to all of Gogeta’s techniques and practice them as much as you like. By using the same trick, you can play with any DLC fighter without paying anything. 

Repeating this trick is well-known by many; the purpose of this guide is to help those who are still unaware of it.

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