How To Make Modern Fridge

Modern Fridge is used to store food items. Add any item in the dispenser and then press the stone button to have it. This guide will let you know how to make a Modern Fridge. 

First, you will need to place two armor stands facing each other and add a block of quartz, quartz stairs at the top and push them down by using two piston and red stone blocks. 

After this, place a block of quartz at the top. 

Place an armor stand on the right side and add a leather cap at the top of it. Add 2 blocks of quartz at the back and front side of this armor stand.

 Push these blocks with the help of two pistons and redstone blocks. 

It does look like a modern fridge now. The next thing you need to do is to add a quartz block at the top and a stone button at the front of the fridge. 

Now you have to make this modern fridge working. Break the white concrete and place a dispenser at the back side. Add pumpkin pie in the dispenser and press the stone button to have some of it. 

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