How To Make Chiseled Quartz Block

Chiseled quartz blocks are used decorating your house. These are one of the craftable blocks that can be crafted quite easily. 

To make a Chiseled Quartz Block, you will need three things that are Nether Quartz, Quartz Block and Quartz Slab. Please follow the following steps to make a Chiseled Quartz block .

Nether Quartz

In order to make chiseled quartz block the basic item you will need is nether quartz. So you will need to go to the nether to find and get at least 12 nether quartz by using iron pickaxe.

Quartz Block

Then exit the nether and make your way to the crafting. Add 12 nether quartz on the 3*3 crafting grid to make 3 blocks of quartz as 4 nether quartz will make 1 block of quartz. Use  3*3 crafting grid by following the pattern shown in image below.

You will get blocks of quartz on the right-side to the crafting table. Bring the blocks of quartz into your inventory.

Quartz Slab

Add three quartz blocks in the lower row of 3*3 crafting grid to craft six slabs. You will get 6 slabs in the right-side box to the crafting table. Add these into inventory.

Chiseled Quartz Block

Now finally you can craft chiseled quartz blocks by using the crafting table again. Add two quartz slabs in lower two cells of the second column of  3*3 crafting grid. This will provide you with a chiseled quartz block. Add it into “ready to use” stock. 

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