How To Make Armor Stand

The Armor Stand is a very useful time in the Minecraft Survival. It is used to hang the armor.

In this guide, we will show you how to make the armor stand. The very first thing you need to do is to get yourself some kind of wooden log. Chop down a tree with the help of an axe to obtain a wooden log.

The next thing you’d need to bring is 3 pieces of cobblestone. Break down the step-like structure under the statue of a horse and take the pieces of stone.

Make your way to the furnace and use these stones on it. Use the newly made stone on the furnace to make a smooth stone. Take the stone in your inventory.

Now, you need to craft the wooden plank. Move to the crafting table just next to the furnace. Open the 3*3 crafting grid and use the wooden logs on it to craft wooden planks.

Then use these wooden planks on the crafting grid to make wooden sticks.

You will need to craft the smooth stone slab. Use three smooth stones on the crafting grid to create it. Don’t forget to take this smooth stone slab into your inventory.

After creating the wooden stick and smooth stone slab, you can now create the armor stand.

Use six sticks and one smooth stone slab to craft the stand.

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