How To Make Arcade Machine

In this guide, you will learn the method to make an Arcade Machine. In order to make an arcade machine, the first thing you have to do is to dig 3 blocks and add smooth quartz slabs in them. Place two armor stands on these smooth quartz slabs.

After this, place pistons on the backside of armor stands to push them closer. Use redstone blocks to push the armor stands towards each other. 

Now you have to fill the empty blocks on both sides of armor stands with white concrete blocks. And then place polished blackstone and two pistons at the top side of the armor stand. Pistons will help to push the blackstones downwards. Use a redstone block to push the polished blackstone down onto the armor stand. 

And then you will have to make a complete body of the machine. For this, place polished blackstone at the back and polished blackstone stairs at the top of the machine. Use a painting screen on the front side of the machine. 

Now you need to make a small hatch. Bring your loom out of the inventory and use a black banner and gray dye. Select a design of your choice to make a new black banner. 

Add an item frame and iron trap door in the lower front part of the machine. And then use a black banner on it to complete the design of your arcade machine. 

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