Dynasty Warriors Unleashed: How to Get Legendary Weapons

In dynasty warriors the legendary weapons are among the most supreme, strong and powerful weapons that can be used to fully equip your officers. Getting these weapons is not that easy and it requires a sensible and focused game play. These legendary weapons enable you to cause greater damage and boost your HP among many other benefits. Read out this article to unlock legendary weapons which are the best kind of weapons this game has to offer!

Different ways of acquiring legendary weapons

We are going to discuss few methods that will help you get hands on the legendary weapons. You must check out all the methods mentioned below in order to increase your possibility of getting the most legendary weapons!

Boss fights

You have to fight with the bosses in order to get the most legendary weapons and artifacts. You will see no bosses during the initial stages of the game until you fight campaigns. This will call for the bosses and you will have to defeat them in order to get weapons and artifacts as a reward. Which weapon you get will be strictly based on your ranking. All the legendary weapons will appear randomly in front of you.

The easiest way of getting legendary weapons is through the Golden Chest!

This is the quickest and the most efficient way of acquiring legendary weapons and artifacts. You daily get a chance to get free draws in the mystery shop section of the market that allows you open 1 Golden Chest for free. What medical chest will provide you with depends totally on your game play. You may even get hands on a 3* to 6*equipment. This is one of the simplest and quickest ways of possessing legendary weapons. Once you have freed the daily draw, you can have more treasure chests by spending 200 ingots. You can’t always expect a legendary weapon as they don’t offer it every time but still they are known to have a high drop rate that can get you a 3* legendary weapon.

What are legendary weapon fragments?

These sorts of fragments can be gained by playing the skirmish mode in the game.

Where can you find skirmish?

You can find skirmish mode in the battle field that is available for 2 hours every day. Getting maximum legendary weapons fragments depends largely on your ranking and the level of the league that you are playing. Higher ranking and advanced level can do the trick for you.

Gathering 200 legendary weapon fragments can help you acquire a 3 star legendary weapon at the arena market. This can simply be done by exchanging the 200 legendary weapon fragments that you possess.

How to reach the arena market?

You are required to get to the battlefield in order to choose Arena. There, you will find an exchange button and tapping on that will take you to the arena market. Here you can purchase a 3 star legendary weapon chest that will surely give you a 3 star legendary weapon.

Magical chest

This is the most superior of all the chests which doesn’t come with a low price. You need 2000 ingots if you intend to buy it from the mystery shop and that, by no means, is an easy task. The magical chest will provide you with as much as 10 equipment with a 3*-6* rating. Additionally it will also give you a guaranteed equipment with 4* or even above. The magical chest is likely to give you numerous legendary weapons by making the chances of obtaining legendary weapons pretty high!

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