More than dozen games are released on daily basis at Steam, sometimes it can get difficult to test out these games, usually gamers try to analyse the games through the trailers, which in our opinion is not the right way, especially on a platform like Steam, as there are hundreds of examples of games, which were not loved at the released time but those games proved to be very addictive, we have curated this list very carefully, these games will keep you busy for a very long time.


A nostalgic arcade gameplay remastered! Capture areas and save the girls from various troublemakers. Comes along with 24 unique bosses and their absurd stories! Inspired from games like Volfied, Qix, Gals Panic.

Release Date: 17 Feb,2020

Super Crystal Hunter

Enter this Arcade-RPG adventure incarnating the young thief Slade. Go through multiple places to loot in the Eastern Lands, visit special zones, face several bosses and discover various mini-games and additional extras.

Release Date: 17 Feb,2020

Lost Brothers

Lost Brothers is a single-player first-person adventure, taking place in an abandoned mine. All you have is a walkie-talkie and a map. Explore a mysterious forest and a labyrinth of underground passages to rescue a mysterious lady.

Release Date: 18 Feb,2020

Astonia: The Return of Yendor

Astonia – The Return of Yendor is a classic fantasy MMORPG. The game features oldschool RPG mechanics such as highly customizable characters, a high variety of spells, skills and professions, complex quests in a rich high fantasy/steam-punk setting, featuring an intricate PK and PVP system.

Release Date: 18 Feb,2020

Xyla and the 'Shrooms of Doom

Xyla is a pink haired hero who was raised as an elite Forest Agent. She realised early on in her life that dedication to her jumping and shooting skills would lead her to success. Work with Xyla as she navigates the unpredictable terrain of the forest.

Release Date: 21 Feb,2020

lil' Sherman

lil’ Sherman is a 3rd person action tower defense RPG that takes place in a stylized WW2/Alt-Universe.

Release Date: 20 Feb,2020

Forest of MATH

Compute numeric calculations to cast magic spells. Results turn into damage towards the monsters or heal points for your hero. Explore the map, collect upgrades and banish all the bosses to save the Forest of MATH.

Release Date: 20 Feb,2020

Bob Wants to Go Home

Meet Bob. Bob is lost and can’t find his way home. Help Bob navigate through the Tower of Contrivance. Bob is distressed which has caused him to move at random. Guide him through all 50 levels. Protect the good boy.

Release Date: 21 Feb,2020

The Unholy Society

The Unholy Society, a quirky 2D adventure game mixed with action elements, is inspired by ’80s and ’90s movies, comic books, as well as everything else that fits into the categories of “iconic” and “pop culture”.

Release Date: 25 Feb,2020


You’re invited to an afternoon of conversation over tea and cake with three strange new friends. RSVP if you dare, and welcome to the tea party!

Release Date: Feb,2020


The plane crashed, bringing an abrupt end to your journey. You regain consciousness in a strange lucid dream filled with interactive cube puzzles, where a mysterious voice guides you through the changing landscape. What is happening? Who are you? Do you have what it takes to wake up?

Release Date: Feb 20, 2020


E-ball is an isometric platform game where players will have to guide their E-ball towards the finish line while collecting valuable orbs and beating the clock. Race through 4 zones and 20 stages of palm sweating challenges from spiked pits of doom to fire spitting totems!

Release Date: Feb, 2020

Game of Drones

Football and drones collide in GAME OF DRONES. It is a minimalist mini multiplayer game with a reduced, futuristic look.

Release Date: 18 Feb, 2020

Goblin treasure

Goblin Treasure is a casual arcade game in which you play the role of a goblin treasure hunter. Collecting diamonds while traveling across various boards. Your main goal is to collect as many diamonds as possible while avoiding goblins and traps.

Release Date: 22 Feb, 2020

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