Fastest Leveling, Skill, & Class Exp Strategy – Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide

In this guide, you will get to know how to level up your characters, skills, EXP, and Class Experience in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

You can level up your characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses very easily and quickly. In the early chapters, you can level them up to 20s easily. You can acquire great skills of the characters. To do it, you need to come up to the Battle tab.

You have to do it in Easy on Normal mode because It will not work on Hard mode. Afterward, go to the Battle Phase. On Easy on Normal, there is always one auxiliary battle for free. You can acquire tons of gold from it. It is recommended to be around Level 15 to start it. 

You need to continuously do the battles to level up your characters, earn EXP, and get class experience. After starting up the battle, you need to pick your class. You can deduct or add up the units.

After setting the positions of your units, you need to start the Auto-Battle.

Afterward, click on the plus button on your controller and skip it. Then your characters get some levels and stats. Now again, skip the Enemies Phase round, and half of your enemies will get defeated.

If you want to go for more strategic action, you can come up with the Focus option of Auto Battle. To do this, you must ensure that your characters are strong enough for the battle.

Then all you need to do is skip the Phases; it will benefit you with tons of gold. It is the most reliable strategy you can apply to get enough gold.

Doing it, again and again, helps you level up your characters and gain skill experiences, irrespective of the class you are trying to level up. 

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