Fastest Way to Get Dragon Balls and Summon Shenron – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This guide will provide you with the fastest way to get Dragon Balls and Summon Shenron in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Following are some simple steps to follow:

Table of Contents

    And call forth Shenron to make your wish; you will always get a Dragon Ball using this method. It will take 10 minutes maximum per Dragon Ball and is guaranteed to work with a 100% drop rate.  

    Create a New Character

    You will need to create a new character; race, gender, and details don’t matter.

    Complete the First Story Mission

    Complete the first story mission. Just skip all the cutscenes, and you will find Elder Kai’s part at the beginning of the game.

    After that, you have to defeat Raditz to complete Step 2. 

    Go to the Patroller Academy

    You will need to go to the patroller academy.  

    Find A Girl Named Sanud and Talk to Her

    Find a girl named Sanud and talk to her.  

    Fight & Defeat Sanud

    You will need to fight and defeat Sanud.   

    Sanud Gives You A Dragon Ball

    Sanud will give you a dragon ball! 

    End Game

    The next thing you will need to do is end the game. 

    Delete the Character Made in Step 1

    And delete the character from step 1. 

    Repeat Steps 1 to 8 Until You Have All 7 Dragon Balls

    After that, repeat steps 1 to 8 for another dragon ball. 

    Once You Have All 7, Go to Your Main Account

    Once you have all seven dragon balls, you must go to your main account. You can go to a single or multi-lobby; it does not matter. 

    Once you have all 7, you must summon Shenron before getting any others. The reason is obvious you already have all seven dragon balls. 

    Go to the Dragon Ball Pedestal

    After that, go to the dragon ball pedestal and call Forth Shenron to make your wish! 

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