Fastest Way To Unlock Cutest Layered Armor In MHW ICEBORNE

This guide will provide you with the fastest way to unlock the cutest layered armor in the MHW Iceborn game. 

To unlock the cutest layered armor, you will need to advance to MR4 in the story.

You have to complete the assigned quest.

This quest unlocks the layered armor.

To do this delivery quest fast, you will need a few specific skills. Pro Transporter is the important one.

Marathon Runner and stamina surge are for Stamina regain when running. Earplug is to prevent the Legiana interrupt.

You don’t need to focus on the constitution. They are there because of Lvl 4 Decors. Assassin’s Hood increases the movement speed.

Let’s Start the Quest. You have to start at camp five and equip the Assassins Hood right away.

Follow this guide to the Treasure.

One done and one more to go. You will need two tickets in total.

You can do it in under 5 minutes if lucky or 10 Minutes if unlucky. 

Enjoy your new cute layered armor.

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