FF Brave Exvius Y’shtola Review

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is inviting characters from Final Fantasy XIV to join the fun.

1. Y’shtola
2. Minfilia
3. Thancred

You can get them on the Ifrit Event from March 17, 0:00 PST to April 5, 23:59 PST.

On this article, we will focus on Y’shtola.

FFBE Y’shtola Guide:

FFBE Y’shtola Stats:

  1. Y’shtola at 5• HP (2310)
    • MP (154)
    • ATK (91)
    • DEF (88)
    • INT (99)
    • MIND (112)

    2. Y’shtola at 6

    • HP (3029)
    • MP (190)
    • ATK (115)
    • DEF (110)
    • INT (122)
    • MIND (148)

Y’shtola seems to be a unit that can act as a healer, support, and magic type user for your team if you check her abilities below. Nevertheless, her stats are okay for the three mentioned categories. And while Refia (healer) has better HP, Y’shtola has better INT and slightly lesser MIND compared to her.

FFBE Y’shtola Limit Burst:

  • 5★ – “Aetherial Pulse” – AoE 1 Turn 20% Damage Reduction -> AoE 1 Turn 39% Damage Reduction. MP Cost – 14
    • 6★- “Aetherial Pulse” – AoE 1 Turn 20% Damage Reduction -> AoE 1 Turn 39% Damage Reduction. MP Cost – 16

As a unit with a lot of uses, Y’shtola will benefit from the damage reduction that her limit burst will do.

FFBE Y’shtola Magic Abilities:

CuraME -400 HP
Heal w/ 3x Mod
Aerora140% AoE 1 Hit Wind Magic Attack9325
Stonra140% AoE 1 Hit Earth Magic Attack9325
EsunaST Cure Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralyze, Confuse8485
Aeroga180% AoE 1 Hit Wind Magic Mack20565
Stonga180% AoE 1
Hit Earth Magic Attack
RaiseST Revive with 30% HP12645
CurajaME -1000 HP Heal w/ 3.4x Mod15725
ProtectgaAoE 3 Turn +40% DEF24805
ShellgaAoE 3 Turn +40% SPR24805
Holy230% ST 1 Hit
Light Magic Attack

In the above table, you can see how Y’shtola can function in 3 different roles for your FFBE team. She has good healing capabilities and access to Curaja. She can deal damage with Stonga and Aeroga. Plus she can support the team with the likes of Esuna, Raise, and Shellga.

FFBE Y’shtola Abilities:

Shroud of SaintsRecover 5% MP per Turn & Decrease Target Chance 1.5x16
Crusade StanceSelf 2 Turn +200% MAG & Self 2 Turn -100% SPR Debuff0405
Presence of MindUse Two White/Black/Green Magic0926
BenedictionST 100% HP Recovery351006

While Protection of the Goddess will make sure she doesn’t run out of MP, it actually serves a purpose. This is because of her most important skill – Presence of Mind. It is guaranteed that with this skill, which allows her to dualcast either white, black, or green magic, will shake the current meta of FFBE.

FFBE Y’shtola Equipments

  1. Equippable Weapon:
    • Staff
    • Rod
    • Hammer2. Equippable Armor:
    • Light Shield
    • Hat
    • Clothes
    • Robe
    • Accessory

FFBE Y’shtola Awakening Materials:

  • Fairies’ Writ – x10
    • Rainbow Bloom – x20
    • Calamity Writ- x10
    • Prismatic Horn – x5
    • Hermit’s Teachings – x5

FFBE Y’shtola Evaluation:

Should you get Y’shtola? We actually think so. Compare her with other top tier healers and you can find that Y’shtola outranks them all because of her ability to DualCast alone. While people will categorize her as a better healer because of it, I think we can classify her as a unit that can really support other roles in the team. Alas, she might not fit any “general” role out there. But at least she will be very good with healing, damaging (via magic), and supporting.

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