Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Freya Review


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is currently celebrating 6 million downloads. Congrats to everyone at Square-Enix, Gumi, and Alim!

All month we’ve seen various summon banners for new units from Final Fantasy IX. It is important to take advantage of special summon boost campaigns if a unit you want is in it.

Today, we are going to take an in-depth look at Freya, one of the main cast from FFIX. She’s most memorable for her heartbreaking tale and quote, “To be forgotten is worse than death.”

A Burmecian woman from a world foreign to Lapis, Freya is a skilled dragon warrior with a sharp mind and an even sharper spear. She faces much tragedy, but she remains hopeful- especially when she teamed up with hero Zidane and his crew.

FFBE Freya Profile:

Final Fantasy IX’s characters have been out in the global version for a while now. The special drop rate boost for these units ends on September 2, 2016. So yes, the drop rate boost has ended, but here are her stats:

Here’s our Brave Exvius guide to Trust Master Rewards, which ones are the best and how to get them.

Freya 3 Star Max Level 100

HP 1576
ATK 60
MAG 50
MP 66
DEF 57
SPR 55

Limit Burst: Dragon Breath – Physical Damage (2.55x) to all enemies.

Freya 4 Star Max Level 100

HP 2049
ATK 79
MAG 66
MP 86
DEF 75
SPR 55

Limit Burst: Cherry Blossom – Physical Damage (3x) to all enemies.

Freya 5 Star Max Level 100

HP 2545
ATK 103
MAG 86
MP 112
DEF 93
SPR 90

Limit Burst: Dragon’s Crest – Physical Damage (3.45x) to all enemies.

FFBE Freya’s Abilities

Ability Effect Star Rank Unit Level
Jump Physical damage to one enemy 3 1
Lance physical damage to one enemy with MP and HP drain 3 16
Store Increase power of next attack and increase damage taken by caster by 50% 4 17
Dragon Killer Increase physical damage against dragons by 50% 4 29
High Jump Increase damage for jump attacks by 100% 4 59
Six Dragons 30% chance to fully heal all allies 5 34
DEF + 10% DEF + 10% 5 34
ATK + 10% ATK + 10% 5 52
Reis’s Wind Heal (800 HP) for 3 turns for all allies 5 80

*You will have have to relearn each ability after every awakening.

The Chances of Pulling Freya:

These new summons are to receive a major boost in drop rates! Let’s see their stats and abilities here!

Hopefully, you won’t get Vivirolled. I think I pulled enough of Vivi to build a small army.

In Closing:

For me, Freya is a nice unit but I have Bartz, Kefka, and several other units to max out. Since she can evolve to a 5-Star Unit, she definitely a stronger unit compared to others in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. One major drawback is that she doesn’t have any magic skills. On the other hand, she will deliver high amounts of damage to single targets. The main point of summoning this unit would be to gain her Trust Master Reward.

Considering all the tanks currently out in the global version: Amarant, Leo, Warrior of Light, and Cecil are all stronger units. If you don’t have any of these units or friends with these units, then Freya would make a nice substitute until you can get one of those units.

Personally, I will skip this banner. After all, in FFBE you really only want to summon the units that you need. Then feel free to go back and get your favorites as well, but depending on their level in FFBE, they may not be that strong.

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