Frozen Memories Quest Guide In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is a complete Frozen Memories Quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Go through the guide and you will be able to do the frozen memories quest.

The first thing you will need to do is talk to Elsa. For this frozen memories quest, you’ll be looking for swamp water. When you see a little bit of shininess as in the image, you can pick it up and that’s a little bit of swamp water for you.

After acquiring three swamp waters, you need to get to the aquamarines. You can find them in the forest of valor and dazzle beach.

Once you get the ingredients, you have to bring them to Elsa.

After that, talk to Elsa, then go to Anna and ask her to give you some of her hair.

Once you get the hair, you have to come back to Elsa and give it to her.

She will then give you a magic ice block. Now place this magic ice block anywhere in the village, press f, go to magic ice block and place it down. After that, hit it with your pickaxe.

Then Kristoff will come to you and there you go, frozen memories completes.

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