Gasbag Guide for ARK: Extinction

This guide will find everything about Gasbag in ARK: Extinction

The gas bag is a new creature in the game, and its primary function is the mule. It also has a very high carrying capacity and can inflate itself and bounce into the air, which gives it very good mobility. It allows you to carry a lot of materials over a great distance, as shown in the image below. 

To tame them, you first have to find them in the wastelands outside of the city. When you find one, you have to shoot him on its head with tranquilizer darts, and he will try to inflate. So you have to follow him until it gets back on the ground and aggro everything else around it when it lands.

To tame it, you will need to use herbivores in which you can use any of the berries or vegetables to get it to tame, and its torpor depletion is not very fast. While you are taming a gasbag, you need to put a fence around it, which will help you to prevent any corrupted dinosaurs from attacking it. To make a saddle for it, you can unlock the engram at level 43. It takes chitim fiber and hides to manufacture it in your inventory, as shown in the image below. 

When you press the left click, it will attack, which is not very useful because it has very low damage. When you hold the right-click, the gasbag will start to inflate, and also, you can see an icon on the left side of the toolbar that will tell you when it is fully inflated, and when you press the spacebar, you will start flying into the air and expanding some more gas. 

If you keep pressing a direction, you will keep expanding gas, and if you don’t have any gas, then when you land, you will take a massive amount of fall damage.

You can have two people in the gasbag. If the Gasbag is fully inflated and you press C, it will blow the gas and throw opponents away, which will help you to kill the opponents and fly away.

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