Gear.Club: Beginners Guide for Mobile

The game is now out on Android!

From the ashes of games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport comes this eager new spirit for mobile devices. is an innovative upstart app, eager for asphalt-paved glory. French developer Eden Games introduces this intriguing number in high-definition graphics, boasting console-like action for the generation of mobile gamers, all surrounding the premise of building, customizing, and racing cars.

With great graphics comes the great need for RAM, so it’s recommended you have at least 2GB at the ready for the best performance.

Starting Out

If trying to picture how to drive a car using a phone or tablet is drawing you a blank, let me help clear that up. Tilt controls (wiggling your phone side to side) are standard, but you can switch them to touch controls any time you like. The game will also fashion you with driving aids, such as an automatic braking system to introduce you to driving. Eventually, you’ll learn to do without them.

You’re given a compass in the form of a green line that rolls alongside your vehicle as you race. It will change color to mimic a stoplight, letting you know when it’s good to go, slow, or stop. Of course, you aren’t bound to these feeble traffic laws and can choose how reckless you want to be. At times, it’s advantageous to hit the gas when the guide is telling you to slow down, just to get around your opponents.


Just like in the real world, incurring damage will cost you later, so it’s best to try to drive as accurately as possible. The more banged up you get, the more you’ll be paying the garage later to buff it out. Plus, destructive driving only serves to slow you down, so in the end, it’s more counter-productive.


You’ll have the opportunity to create your very own custom creation, and lots of ways to improve it. Excellent driving skills can only take you so far in this game, where only the fast survive. Just remember that speed is everything, and focus on upgrading the engine and gearbox first.

Making Moolah

Gear.Club makes it easy to bank some extra cash by giving their players log-in bonuses. Boosts, cars, gold, and money are acquirable this way. Also, be sure to check out the Flash Events. These challenging missions are only available for a period of time but really shower you with rewards.

Oh! And don’t forget to clear your rewards by checking your Achievements. Personally, I deplore such systems which require a player to babysit their bounties or else forfeit them, so consider yourself warned.

Gear.Club has gotten mixed reviews since its release in October, mostly for its heavy promise of HD graphics, which can differ from device to device. Functionality can also suffer because of the hefty file size and RAM requirements. For best results, I recommend a newer phone or tablet.

If you’re a car enthusiast or love driving games, you just have to try Gear.Club. While it still has a long way to go toward being flawless, it has the potential to completely change the way we classify and play mobile and console games.

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