Genshin Impact And This Treasure Goes To Quest Guide

This guide will let you how know how to complete the And This Treasure Goes To Quest in  Genshin Impact. You have to follow the instructions given below to complete it more easily.

At first, you will need to go to the Lingju Pass; then you need to head to the enemy camp in the west, as shown in the map below. 

There is a young woman there who is trapped in the cage. You will need to clear out the camp and find a chest near the cooking spot; open it up to get the key inside it. 

Now you have to use that key to open up the cage. Then, the women inside will give you the quest and get the treasure.

Now you are gonna jump down into the Lingju Pass area on the map and there is a big tree in the middle.

You will find an enemy camp there, so you just need to clear them out. There is a little dirt mound next to the tree; if you interact with it, it will open the chest and give you some new loot and complete the quest. It will also give you the nameless treasure. You will find three of those over there. 

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