Gentleman Guide – Hunt Royale

This guide will provide you with all the details about Gentleman in Hunt Royale. 

He’s a Hunter and is unlockable through Chest drops; his attack is throwing his hat at the enemies.

The perk priority for Gentleman is damage attack speed and life steal for improved survivability.

And it is recommended to get only one Distance perk, Gentleman’s DPs when you have too much Distance.

Whether you’re close or far from the target, just pay attention to the two different strategies’ TTK(time to kill).

That happens because the hat is constantly dealing damage; if you’re close to the target, that won’t have time to deal its maximum DPS. 

But when the target is at the edge of your range, your hat sits on him for a longer time, thus dealing a lot more DPS. 

That’s the secret for a good Gentleman. Let’s see how it does on a real match! 

Keep that in mind that your hat will take longer to come back to you, and you’ll have to move a lot to position your enemies at your edges. 

Ogota lot of Damage Perks on this match, pure luck indeed Life Steal! 

With this much damage and healing, no enemy is a match for the Gentleman.

You always have to keep your enemies on the edge of they won’t last longer than 1 second.

There he goes, casually dealing 107 damage per tick.

The same strategy here; you always have to keep them on the edges!

Penta Kill right away! His only weakness seems to be enemies that attack from close range; anything besides that is overwhelmed by his damage output.

He’s pretty good, not going to lie.

The only exception for the Distance Perk situation. If you have enough range on him, you can attack the dragon from a safe distance instead of having to risk yourself on his foot. 

LVL 14 and only 2 Damage Perks, you can’t be lucky on every single match, unfortunately.

Since this boss has a hitbox two times bigger than usual, you’ll deal higher damage if you stay a little bit closer to him.

It is the best distance to damage the dragon. 

It’s hard to deal too much damage when you only get 2 Damage Perks, but even with this bad luck. Gentleman manages to get the job done without any problems.

He’s a hell of a good Hunter for Coop, too, mainly when he’s together with Frozen Queen or Mad Doctor; you can get those hats to hit up to 200 damage on those bosses easily.

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