Granite Falls World Secrets And Features – The Sims 4

Discover the hidden gems and exclusive features of the Granite Falls World in The Sims 4 with this comprehensive guide. Uncover the secrets that make this virtual destination unique, providing players with insights into the intricacies of the gameplay and immersive elements that may not be immediately apparent.

From secluded spots to special activities, this guide aims to unveil the full spectrum of experiences that await players in the Granite Falls World.

Main Campgrounds

First, go to the main campground area around the central statue. It has five rental lots along the water and there is also a fishing spot. There are small seating areas with lanterns too and a few paths that can be used to travel upwards.

You can head to the central area of the campgrounds with a Jackalope sculpture in the center.

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This area offers a lot of camping-related amenities like campfire grills, sitting benches, and a camping supply shop. You can purchase different camping gear from this shop. There is also a community bathroom that you can use to shower, and the little community garden allows you to pick up a few plants.

There is a shallow stream on the right of the central area with two additional fishing spots. The Granite Falls is home to unique fish, herbs, and different insects.

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Granite Falls Forest

The Granite Falls Forest has a national park lot with a little building in the middle. There is a stunning waterfall at the bottom right side of the area and it also serves as a fishing spot. There’s another fishing spot at the bottom left of this area. You can pick up different plants and insects around the area. The bush cave is located in the top left side which leads to a hidden world.

Head near the cave’s entrance, select the Step Forward option, and then click on Go Through Web. Select Ignore The Object and click on Travel Towards the Sim. Once inside, you can start exploring the cave.

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Hermite’s House

The Hermit’s house is the final hidden area within Granite Falls which is quite brighter as compared to other areas. There is a small natural garden with heaps of harvestable plants on the right side. You can gather different plants and can also run over the hill to reach the Hermit’s house.

Head inside the house and Hermit can often be seen around the Hidden World. There is an open space around the house where you can find insects, plants, and collectibles.

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There is a waterfall with another fishing spot on the left side and you can also collect different collectibles while approaching the waterfall.

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