Gravel Big Bang Deck | Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Guide

This technical deck will help you gain victory as you climb to the rankings. With the power of two noteworthy spells, you can build various and effective strategies throughout the battle. Allow the Big Bang Shot and Gravelstorm to assist you with our featured deck today.

Deck Overview:

This deck is designed to deal with a lot of high ATK monsters on the field. Various combos are available for players to try and execute. If you are facing a lot of Monster Based Decks / Beatdown Decks, then this set of cards can help you defeat them. A deck you can count on especially in PvP Battles.

Special thanks to AppMedia for this deck!

The Deck:


Cyber Raider X3
Mythical Beast Cerberus X3
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu X3
Chaos Rider Gustaph X1


Gravelstorm X3
Big Bang Shot X3
Enemy Controller X3
Mask of Accursed X1
Gravity Axe – Grarl X1

Other Recommended Cards

Sergeant Electro
Shooting Star Bow – Ceal
Collected Power

Key Cards:

  • Cyber Raider – Your deck’s main attacker. This monster will have the Big Bang Shot and/or Gravity Axe to eliminate monsters on the field.
  • Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu –Helps you to add the spell card(s) you need in the battle.
  • Big Bang Shot – Mainly used to bring havoc to your enemy. Its effect will likely dominate the enemy once you equipped it with a monster.
  • Gravelstorm – You can increase the ATK power of the Mythical Beast Cerberus through this spell’s effect together with the Big Bang Shot.

Recommended Character Skills:

  • Switcheroo Bandit Keith Return a card in your hand to your deck. It will allow you to draw a new one after. A skill that can be used once per turn and twice per duel.

Ideal Deck Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Iron Black Kotetsu on your hands early. Once you have it, set it on the field. Counter the opponent’s attack or summoning move by flip summoning the Iron Black Kotetsu. Look for the Big Bang Shot in your deck for you to use later on. Once you have the card, look for a chance to activate it. Summon the Cyber Raider on the field and use its first special effect to destroy the Big Bang Shot. Quickly activate the Gravelstorm. Summon the Mythical Beast Cerberus on the field and gear the available equip card to it. Attack your enemy with this monster’s upgraded ATK.

This deck can deal with some of the famous Beatdown Decks in the game today. But bear in mind that the monsters you have in this deck are not strong alone. You might face challenges in upgrading their stats (with the spells) if you are being countered by the enemy. Make sure to cast the cards you need to attain the combo you want to use. From there, you can have the advantage you need to win a specific battle.

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