How to Add Bots to Custom Games in COD Modern Warfare 3

This guide will show you how to add bots to custom games in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 using the easiest method.

  • You have to navigate to a game mode, such as Domination, and look for the screen where options like Play, Weapons, or Operators are displayed.
    However, there might not be a specific setting to add bots through the game setup.
  • Click on the plus icons to add bots to your team or the enemy team. Add bots by selecting the plus icon next to your team’s details, and adjust the bot difficulty as needed.
  • Similarly, add bots to the enemy team by selecting the plus icon next to their details and changing their difficulty settings.
    Once you’ve added bots and adjusted their difficulty, you should be ready to proceed with the game.
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