How to Beat Experiment No. Z-57 Boss – Metroid Dread

This guide will let you know how to beat the EXPERIMENT NO. Z-57 BOSS in Metroid Dread

Once you get into the battle, you have to be right on your toes right away because he does have a set number of attacks, and it’s randomized, so you have to see and make a count of the attacks. You will need to shoot it right in the head, it will be above you, and you’re going to start shooting missiles right at its head.

The first attack it does is a little beam-like thing that goes from left to right or right to left. So you have to stand on one side and immediately run to the other side fast enough to dodge the attack, and then you quickly have to go to the left side. You want to go to the left side and find the gap on the bottom because it is a slight gap where the game wants her to dash and then stand on the opening, so you don’t take consistent burn damage. You have to keep hitting the head while you’re doing this.

The next attack is a pair of slash attacks; this one is easy to dodge, it simply keeps space jumping around the middle top of the screen, and you will always be able to escape both attacks. The next attack shoots the beam, but a little prompt comes up to make a melee attack. As soon as the beam attack completes, the boss will attack you, so you have to go ahead and use a melee attack with perfect timing because if you time it right, you will be able to spam missiles by holding r and pressing y hold r and keep pressing y. You will keep doing a lot of damage in the cutscene, which is advantageous for you.

The legs of the enemy will be on the walls or the ceiling, so you have to use some charge shots, or you can also use missiles. But if you use charge shots, then only two is enough, and you should be able to take care of at least two of them. 

The next attack is a series of laser wave attacks coming from the right wall to the left; you don’t have to touch the wall and keep jumping to avoid the attack and escape. A pattern is similar every time you use it, so if you know it, you shouldn’t have too much trouble after seeing it once or twice. The attacks are the same, and you will eventually do a new one by this point. First, you jump once, then you jump twice, jump once, jump twice, then again jump twice, and then you jump once there you will see that this attack will come to an end.

It’s not too different every time, so keep holding to the right because the electrical charges will damage you, so you have to make sure not to touch it. You have to get up to the top in the swiping attack and escape it. 

You will see it uses a new unique attack. It will occasionally do that, and once you start to do more damage, which forms the third swipe, use the melee attack right after it finishes that beam from top to bottom and once again blend a few more missiles right at its base.

If you do this right with the prompt, you should take it down within three rounds. In the next attack, you want to go ahead and attack the legs when it ends. Then you will see that you are right at the end of the battle, and there are some more swooping attacks it will do, and you eventually bring it down by escaping from its attacks and keep shooting at it.

You have to land the melee attack three times correctly, and you will be able to do it as long as you keep spamming missiles. It does help by using store missiles as well, and it is essential to be using that if you can spare the rockets, it will depend on how much more you need to knock it out.

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