How to Complete Birdie’s Questin in Stardew Valley

In this guide, you will come to know how to complete Birdie’s Quest – The Pirate’s Wife in Stardew Valley 1.5. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to complete it.

The golden walnuts rule the world over on the ginger island. When you are on the hunt for golden walnuts, one of the big ways of earning these golden walnuts is to complete quests. One of the main quests that you’re going to pick up relatively early once you start exploring the island is from Birdie, the old lady on the ginger island that likes fishing.

She’ll give you the quest ‘’the pirate’s wife’’. For the pirate’s wife, you have to start with a war memento that Birdie will give you, then head on over and talk to your local veteran kent.

After turning the war memento in front of Kent, you’ll discover a little bit more of the story and Kent will give you some gourmet tomato salt. Then you have to go to Gus, who will love this gourmet tomato salt. You need to give it to Gus and once you get things all turned in with him, he will give you a Stardew Valley rose.

Now you have to get the bus and head on to the desert. Go see Sandy, and give her the Stardew Valley rose.

She’ll give you an advanced tv remote that has gone unpurchased.

Now you need to go to George because he is a big fan of watching television.

Give this remote to George and he will give you an arctic shard in return.

The arctic shard means that there is some kind of magic. So you need to go to the wizard and give him the arctic shard. The wizard in turn is going to reluctantly give you a wriggling worm.

Now as for the wriggling worm, Willy is out looking for a wriggling worm as it will be his special bait to catch the fancy catfish that he’s been hunting down.

When you give the wriggling worm to Willy, he, in turn, will give you the pirate’s locket.

If you’re completing this questline in the middle of the summer, one problem you’re gonna find is Birdie doesn’t fish in the rain. And it rains almost every day on ginger island throughout the summer.

So as soon as you can find a day that isn’t pouring down the rain, you want to head back over to Birdie, give the pirate’s locket to her, and complete the pirate’s wife questline. Bedie will give you a large stash of golden walnuts and a recipe to make fairy dust.

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