How To Complete Temporary Mission Contract Cred In Cyberika: Cyberpunk

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to complete Temporary Mission “Contract Credo” & Hack Electronic Locks in Cyberika: Cyberpunk RPG game.

This event is for ten plus-level players. One more thing, you will get to know how you can decrypt electronic locks.

Don’t come here naked; bring at least one gun and a baseball bat with healings.

If you use a baseball bat, one gunshot, and then hit with a baseball bat, you will find two razor head goons, the first one uses bat, and the second one uses the shotgun.

You can leave this area and go home to bring some healing guns. This event won’t reset as it has 1 hour time to expire. And this 2nd razor head goon uses a shotgun; he’ll reload after four hits so you can use the bat. If you are low on ammo and meds, go home and bring some goods.

Now it’s easy to kill him.

Credo, you can call him boss; you can leave the area and enter to reset his aggro.

There is a locked container; you have to decrypt the code and open it to get loot.

It’s easy to decrypt by first looking at the bottom code carefully.

Now looking at 0,1,2’s code, then look at vertical columns.

Now, look at which column matching the 0,1,2.

After finding it, you have to enter 021.

Have an eye on your time limit also.


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