How to Disable Steam Guard

The Steam guard is two-factor authentication and adds a layer of security to your account; however, this can get annoying. This guide will let you know how to Disable Steam Guard. Go through the guide and follow all the steps carefully to disable it. 

On the client’s home screen, you have to go up to steam and tap on Settings. Then under the Account settings, you need to go to “Manage Steam Guard Account Security”. 

After that, scroll down to the “Turn Steam Guard off” (not recommended) option, select it, and it’ll bring you to the page where you have to go to disable the Steam Guard. 

The Steam guard trading and Steam community market will be unavailable while the Steam guard is disabled and will continue to be unavailable for 15 days after re-enabling the steam guard. After that, you must go to our email address because turning the Steam guard off requires confirmation. You will get an email with a link to confirm disabling the Steam guard.

So let’s go over to the email address, and you will find an email from steam it says disable Steam guard confirmation. You have to select this and then go to Disable Steam Guard and click this big button to disable it. 

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