How to Do Taxi Stunt Jumps & Unlock NEW CAR LIVERY Eudora Downtown in GTA 5

This guide will provide an easy way to do the Taxi Stunt Jumps & UNLOCK NEW CAR LIVERY Eudora Downtown Cab Co in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

There’ll be a high chance to unlock this livery when the Eudora car is released. You’ll need to do 10 stunt jumps during the taxi work to unlock this livery on the Eudora. Make your way anywhere near the LSI airport and bring out your in-game phone to call Pegasus.

After that, take your taxi near the LSI airport and press BB on PC or R3 or the right stick to start the taxi work. The customer will be nearby, and you need to get him inside the taxi and drive your taxi up on the ramp to do the stunt jump.

Do it 10 times, and you can use any other ramp on the map. If your car is damaged badly, you can go to LS Customs, quit the job, and then repair your car to do the stunt jumps.

Afterward, head to the LSA airport and repeat the process. You will be able to unlock the Downtown Cap Co livery once you complete all 10 stun jobs and the Eudora car is released. But you can’t use this Eudora as a taxi to request taxi work. Ensure to equip and unequip the parachute to force save the game before logging out.