How to Download and Install Proximity Voice Chat Mod for Among Us

In this guide, you will come to know how you can download and install Proximity Voice Chat Mod in Among Us with the proper explanation and the download link.

The first thing you want to do is download the Proximity Voice Chat Mod by clicking on the following link: 

It will redirect you to the page, scroll down until you see the installation, and click on it. Then click on the GitHub releases under development, it will load in another page, and you have to go down and click Crew Link Setup

And after the setup downloads, open it, and the window will say that it’s an unrecognized app. You will need to click on More Info at the top left of the window. 

Click run anyway, it will finish installing, and the software will open.

After that, you will need to click Open Game, and the game will automatically open with Steam. Now, this app does not support mobile or blue stacks. Make sure you open the game in the standard version. 

Once the game opens, you will find that the app can push behind it or minimize. If you have the second screen, you can put it there, but you need to play the game in the window if you don’t. 

It will show that you are talking and your microphone is enabled. You can manage this in the settings by switching from Open Microphone to Push to Talk, and if it’s not detecting your microphone, you can navigate to the input and output on the settings. 

You can also set the key bind to deafen when playing and check the Push to Talk key checkbox. 

If other players join and have the same application installed as you do, then they can talk to you in the game. And if they don’t, then there will be a red icon showing. 

You can talk to each other at a fixed location like the admin or reactor. And no one else will hear your conversation if they are outside of your talk range. 

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