How to Earn Diamonds In Super Stylist

This guide will let you know how to earn diamonds in Super Stylist.

If you are running out of diamonds, you can log in daily and claim your rewards. On the seventh day, you’ll receive 10 diamonds (or vouchers), energy, and cash.

Daily wheel

You can try your luck in getting diamonds by spinning the wheel.

You will notice a pink Play button appears in the middle after the initial spin. It means you can spin once again after watching an ad.

Unlock Achievements

You can unlock the achievement rewards by completing the required tasks.

Surpass Top Stylists

Try to surpass the Top Stylists and earn rewards. The rewards include cash, energy, and diamonds (or vouchers).

OOTD challenge

You can accept OOTD challenges and try to win first place in order to earn 5 diamonds.

Daily Quests

You can complete missions or daily quests that offer diamond rewards. The Cover Coloring, What’s Her Style, Warehouse Fashion mission, and use of 43 designer items are the quests that usually give diamonds upon completion.

Fashion Show Events.

You can also help in styling the models for the Fashion Show Event to win rewards upon completion.

Free Rewards

You can check the shop dafty and claim free rewards.

Watch Ads

If you watch an ad, you will get three diamonds.

Raffle Event

You can earn a ticket by completing 5 missions for a chance to win diamonds. Collecting more tickets increases your chance to win more diamonds!

Quest Rush

Complete missions during Quest Rush events to earn rewards.

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