How to Earn Tuners REP in GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to earn Tuners REP in GTA 5 Online. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions carefully to do so. 

You will get 50 reputation points for Exotic exports, and if you do outer shop deliveries, you will get 50 reputation points. In the Tuner Contract Finale, you will get 200 reputation points, so with the entire contract, you can earn up to 300 reputation points.

The best way of earning the reputation is by one-lap street races. With these races, you can earn 320 reputation points per hour. If you consistently win, you can make 200 REP per hour. If you lose, you still get 128 REP points, and with AFK, you will get 300 REP points per hour with a very high electricity bill.

The contacts in the game will give you 300 REP points, and you can make two contracts in an hour which will provide you with 600 reputation points in the game. If you want to reach rank 250 for your reputation, you have to complete at least 574 contracts.

The rank 1000 requires you to complete 3325 contracts in the game and earn up to 582 million dollars.

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