How to Easily Get Any 1600 Gem Character in Anime Dimensions

In this guide, you will get to know how to get your first 1.6k gem character easily. 

The 1.6k gem characters are the best you can get, and you probably need one to get good parties to do raids. The first thing you can do is make sure that you have used all the newest codes. So must check the wall of the code at least once a day.

And if you don’t have a 1.6k gem character, that means you are probably at low level. 

If you get to level 30, you will have an extra 750 gems, which is a lot, and getting to level 30 takes like 1- 3 hours depends on your team. 

Next, while leveling up, you will probably be finishing most quests. But the quest people mainly forget or don’t know what the time challenge is. 

The time challenge thing is near the gem/gold afk area. 

For this, you will need 200 kills to finish the quest, which is easy to do. 

We got a score of 428! You can just click the leave now. 

Now you should be able to finish all the quests easily. Being level 30 and doing all your quests, you should be very close to 1.6k. 

However you are missing, just go to the AFK area and stay for as long as you need! And with that, you should be able to get your first 1.6k gem character.   

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