How to Escape Legend Rank in Mobile Legends

This guide will give you five effective tips to escape the Legend Rank in Mobile Legends. You can easily escape this rank by following the tips in this guide. 

Table of Contents

    Knowledge In Meta And Non-Meta Heroes 

    Many players in this tier pick the hero they want; they don’t know what meta and non-meta heroes are. Meta heroes are usually the recently released heroes or recently buffed heroes. 

    While non-meta heroes are those, who didn’t get a nerf or buff / outdated. So picking a meta hero is more advantageous than picking those who get nerfed and outdated.



    It’s easy to dominate the game when you pick meta heroes because they’re op, so it’s better for you to read every patch for the info.  

    Follow The Objective First Rule 

    You always have to remember that if it’s not for the objective, you don’t have to go for it, and also for you to take all the objectives in time, you need to know the spawn time of these objectives.

    Example: Turtle spawn in 3 minutes of the game.

    It is a big advantage if you know the spawn time of objectives because you will get them from time to time, which will make a huge lead for you.  

    So that’s how the “objective first” works. It’s better for you to learn the spawn time of buffs, crab jungle creeps, turtle, and lord.


    Rotation is the way you take objectives. Many of the players in this tier didn’t know the proper rotation, they just clear the lanes then farm and back again at clearing minion waves. Others clear the wave and then wait again for another minion wave which is wrong. 

    Remember that time is gold, you should earn gold from time to time, and never overstay in lane because you will be left behind.

    Here’s a basic rotation for offlane if you’re a fighter/sidelaner.

    You will need to clear the first minion wave, if you can take the first crab then go take it. If not, then take the jungle creep which is the green dot on the map, go back again and clear the minion waves. 

    After clearing the lane, you will find your next objective, so never overstay in lane, and you need to sustain your lane also as offlaner. Avoiding dying for your core to have space, and also failing enemy ganks is a big help.As offlaner pushing is your objective not farming; you can switch lanes if your core and tank will go to your lane then go handle the mid to earn more gold.

    Now let’s talk about mid lane basic rotation.

    You have to clear the minion wave first, then take the Litho wanderer.

    After that, you will need to take the blue buff and clear the minion wave again. Then take the crab at the top and gank and look for a killing potential. Take note as a midlaner; you should rotate every time you clear the mid minion waves, and also, the 1st and 2nd minion waves give more gold than the rest, so you should take them for gold lead.


    Flexibility means you know how to play 2-3 roles; you should know 2-3 roles in the tank, mm, support assassin, mage, fighter because you will not always get the role you want in solo queue.

    Adjusting is a must; you should play the role your team needs.

    Mistake Acceptance  

    If your teammates did something wrong, you don’t have to be harsh; just continue playing the game. If you are tilted, you will lose the game, stay focused, continue rotation, and take objectives. Remember, even pro players make mistakes, so never blame anyone. 

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