How to Farm Navigation Data in No Man’s Sky

This guide will teach you how to farm Navigation Data in No Man’s Sky. 

You will first need to go to the space station and talk to the cartographer to get a certain planetary chart.

It is the chart you are looking for; if you have any navigational data, you can buy the commercial cartographic data. But if you don’t, you can use nanites to buy a random chart from the cartographer until you get the right chart.

Once you get the chart, you will need to go into your inventory and use it. You have to say that it detected a minor settlement you want to go to.

Once you’ve reached the settlement, head in and check the small shop at the settlement to see if there’s navigation data in there that you can buy; if there is, then you have to buy it and place a save beacon to mark the settlement. Then you can reload the manual save you made, and the shop will refresh, allowing you to buy more navigation data.

You can get navigation data by farming them from space stations by picking up the encrypted navigation data that can spawn around space stations. You might not get the navigation data every time since you can get nanites from it instead. 

Depending on how many space stations you plan to visit, you will need a hyperdrive and warp cells to refuel your hyperdrive. 

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