How to Find and Generate Power in No man’s sky

This guide will let you know how to find and generate the power in No Man’s sky. You have to follow all the steps carefully to do so. 

You can find power on just about any planet pretty easily. You will need to find a planet and go to it to start. If you’re already on the planet that you want to power on, then you can stay on that planet.

Once you are on whatever planet you’ve decided, you need to have the survey device, an upgrade for analysis visor. Once you have it, you will use it to look for power hotspots on the planet that you’re on.

Also, if you use your visor and don’t see any hotspots nearby, you will have to move around a bit on the planet until you can find one.

Once you find a hotspot on your visor, you will see how far it is and the potential or the capacity of the hotspot you’re looking for. Ranging from C, B, A, S, C will only give a max of 50%, B will go up to 73%, A will go to 83.3%, and S will go up 100% more often than not going for A and above.

Once you’ve reached the power hotspot, when you use your analysis visor near it, you’ll see the hotspot as well as percentages that will increase or decrease the further or closer you get to the hotspot. 

The closer you are to the hotspot, the higher the percentage will be, and more power generators will be generated when placed. The further away means the lower the percentage, so the generator placed will generate less power than one closer to the hotspot.

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