How to Fix Mic & Voice Chat Not Working in Overwatch 2 PS5

In this guide, you will find out how to FIX MIC & Voice Chat Not Working in Overwatch 2 on PS5.

First, you have to boot up your game and then click on the option. From the menu, you have to go to options again and select the Sound tab from the top of your screen. After this, press the l2 or R2 button to go to the voice chat and under Voice Volume, you have to make sure that the Voice Chat Volume and Voice Chat Mic Volume are set to 80 or more than 80. After this, head down under the Channels and set the Group Voice Chat and Team Voice Chat both to Auto-Join. You have to make sure that the match voice chat is turned On. After this, Navigate down under the Capture and set the Voice Chat mode to Open Mic. It will automatically turn On the mic when you speak.

After this, press the PlayStation button and then make sure that your microphone is not muted. For this, select the microphone and then turn it on. You have to click on the adjust microphone level and make sure that everything is working properly.

For sound, you have to press the PlayStation button again and then go to sound, make sure that this is not turned OFF, and also make sure that your output device is set to your headset. make sure that the volume is also high and also make sure that the game chat is not muted.