How to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-44949-0 Can’t Sign into PSN

This guide will show you how to fix PS4 Error Code WS-44949-0 Can’t Sign into PSN. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to fix it. 

If you are having problems with your sign-ins on the PlayStation 4, you have to go to settings and “Account Management”. After that, tap on “Sign Out,” and you will need your email address and password to sign back in. Now you must go to Sign In and input your email address and password to sign back in. 

You can also try to restart or reset your password, you have to press triangle, and then it will bring you to this screen where you have to type in your email address. It will send you a reset password link to your email address; follow the instructions, restart or reset your password, and try logging back into your PlayStation.

If the first two options don’t work, you must go to Account Management and Account information. After that, navigate to Security, head to “two-step verification,” and turn it on. It will protect your account by sending a code to your mobile phone each time you sign in.

You have to copy that code down from the phone to the PlayStation; it’s an extra level of security and prevents you from getting hacked. 

Another thing you can try is changing your DNS settings, so let’s go to settings and then go down to Network. Go to Set Up Internet Connection and choose whatever current Network you’re using for the setup, whether wi-fi or Lan. Then you have to go to that option and then go to Custom.

Then you have to go to Automatic for IP address settings, and under the DHC hostname, you have to tap on “do not specify”. After that, tap on Manual, and for the primary DNS, you must type After that, put in here and then go to next. You can also put in and then for the secondary and then go to the next. 

Go to on a mac for the MTU settings; otherwise, you can put something in like 1473, then press r2 and done and go to next do not use for proxy server and then test your internet connection if this helps fix the error code as well so this is just going to do a quick upload, and download speed see how fast your internet connection is. 

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