Use Plasma Grenades to Get Power Weapons in Halo Infinite

This guide will let you know how to use the Plasma Grenades to get Power Weapons in Halo Infinite. 

Plasma Grenades are great in securing power weapons for you as they are the only grenades that can launch power weapons off their racks.

You can even use them to give your teammates the weapon by launching it to your starting side.

A Consistent example on the map bazaar is where you can throw a plasma grenade across the map, and it’ll cause the power weapon.

It also works on both sides.

Plasma grenades luckily spawn on many maps, making all of this possible. Even if the enemy happens to pick up the weapon, they will likely feel the detonation of the plasma grenade, causing them to sustain heavy damage.

It shows that other grenades do not affect it.

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