How To Get Chips In GTA 5 Online

In this article, you will get to know how to get the chips in GTA 5 game through different missions. You will have quite fun doing these missions. Some of them take a couple of minutes while others only take 10 to 15 minutes.

In the GTA 5 game, you can get number one chips very easily. There are different missions to do and you can do them with your friend. So just go to your phone and call one of your friends and request a job. Then he will give you a job within about 10 seconds. It will be a silent and sneaky mission and there will be fun doing it.

Another one will be a complex mission for you. You have to go to different places to do it. It’s a rare mission. If you are doing six missions probably, this mission is one in five or six. You have to go to different locations and find a thief. By taking him down you can get his chips.

You have to go to different places, so it will be quite fun doing these missions.

In the end, if you get duty in this mission, don’t try to kill that guy. Instead, you will need to protect and interrogate him. It will be the easiest 5000 chips you could make by this.

You have to fly to the terminal for another mission and get the magnet helicopter. All you have to do is to go around everywhere and look at the boxes. You will be completely fine if you don’t stay for too long on guys’ blue radar. It will be difficult sometimes if the guys see you.

Magnet helicopter is one of the most fun helicopters in the game.

This mission is quite hard. The people who are in it have a great aim. So you have to be quick to do it. There are many other missions to get the chips. Some missions take ten to fifteen minutes while others can take only a few minutes.


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