How to Get Enchantment Points Efficiently – Minecraft Dungeons

In this guide, you will get to know the efficient method to get enchantment points. You have to follow a few steps to get a lot of loot in Minecraft Dungeons

You can use the enchantment points in the ancient hunts to increase the chances of getting gilded gear. All you have to do is to farm enchantment points. Getting XP by killing the mobs is a great technique. You will do levels that have huge loads of mobs that are easy to kill. 

The best strategy is a mysterious level under the new flames of Crimson Forest. You can unlock it by completing the Warped Forest. If you don’t have DLC, Creepy Crypt is still another option that is available for you. But in the Crimson Forest, there will be vast amounts of loot there. 

You can utilize some speed-boosting things such as boots of quickness or a bow that has temp theft to make the run much quicker. You can get more XP by setting the difficulty level to maximum. So try a little to track down the right equilibrium for you. 

You can collect up to 14 items on every sing run along with uniques. You can get more uniques if the apocalypse difficulty level is maximum. You can sell common tier items for emeralds, and for ancient hunts, you can use green and unique items. 

It is the most effective method to get the enchantment points to increase gilded gear. You have to follow the method, and you will get a lot of loot for sure. 

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