How to Get Every Accessory in King Legacy

This guide helps to get every accessory in King Legacy by embarking on an exciting journey into the realm of King Legacy, where you can break down the drop chances of various items. You must follow each step mentioned in the guide to get a procedure for grabbing the required accessory in this game.

Stainless Jaw

The first item includes an eye-catching common accessory that can be obtained by defeating “The Barbaric”, which is located on Soldier Island.

Horned Hat

It is a powerful accessory found on Snow Island which can be obtained by defeating the formidable creature known as Little Dear. You can unlock the Horned Hat to get incredible benefits, such as reducing melee damage by 3% while boosting melee damage by an impressive 3%.

Blue Straw Hat

The accessory is dropped by the Village Gunner, a formidable Raid Boss on Soldier Island. With a 30-40% drop chance, this hat grants +100 health and a 3% boost to fruit damage.

Gazelle Mask

Gazelle Mask is an accessory with a 5% drop rate from the Gazelle Man. This mask boosts your run speed by +15, adding agility to your battles.

Biscuit Shoulder

This rare shoulder accessory tantalizes with a 3% boost to sword damage. To earn this tasty treasure, you must venture to Wholecake Island and face the formidable Biscuit Man. With a 5% chance of dropping, victory will reward you with the power to slice through your enemies with even greater efficiency.

Blue Scarf

It is an epic shoulder accessory that enhances your Devil Fruit abilities. This remarkable scarf offers a +5% boost to Devil Fruit damage and an impressive +10% reduction in Devil Fruit damage taken. To claim this accessory, you must venture to Loaf Island and enter the Mirror World. Defeating the formidable Dough Master within guarantees a 5% chance of obtaining the coveted Blue Scarf.

Flame Hair

The Flame Hair includes a 15% drop chance after defeating Mrs Mother, grants a +5% boost to Devil Fruit damage, and a +5% reduction in all damage taken.

Oni Mask

The Oni Mask boast damage up to 7.5% Devil Fruit. The Oni Mask drops from The Crimson Demon in Magma Zone on Shred Endangering Island.

Tengu Mask

Go to the treacherous Shred Endangering Island, where the Tengu Mask is obtained from The Ice King.

Pondere Coat

It is obtained by defeating the pondere boss at Soldier Headquarters. This coat enhances your fruit damage by 12%.

Hefty coat

This coat is dropped by the hefty boss at Soldier Headquarters and grants a 10% boost to health and a 5% boost to fruit damage.

Hefty Glasses

Hefty Glasses can be obtained from the hefty boss, reducing melee damage by 10%.

Lucidus Coat

It is an epic cape accessory that holds immense power. Added in the esteemed update 4, this coat grants a formidable 5% boost to fruit damage and a remarkable 10% reduction in fruit damage taken. However, obtaining this coveted garment requires a daring confrontation with the boss Lucidus at Marines Headquarters, where it has a drop rate of 5%.

Sally Crown

The Sally Crown is dropped with a 5% chance from Sally on New Pirate Island, offering a potent combination of +10% sword damage and +5 run speed.

Dark Beard Cloak

It is a rare back accessory which is a coveted item acquired by defeating the notorious Dark Beard on Pirate Skull Island in the treacherous 2nd Sea. With an approximate drop rate of 5%, this cloak adds a touch of darkness to your style and enhances your abilities.

Dark Beard Hat

The Dark Beard Hat, a legendary hat dropped with a drop rate lower than 1% from Dark Beard at Pirate Skull Island, provides an incredible +10% boost to health and a 25% reduction in fruit damage.

Floffy Glasses

This Floffy Glasses is a legendary accessory dropped with a 1% chance by Floffy in Fiore, boosting fruit damage by 20% and adding a +10 run speed bonus.

Sea King Jaw

Embrace the power of the sea with the Sea King Jaw, an epic head accessory dropped by the Sea King. It grants a mighty +20% Sea King damage reduction and a +2% boost to all damage. 

Water Hydra Mask

​​The Water Hydra Mask can be obtained from the Hydra Boss, reduces Hydra damage by 30%, and offers a 0.5% health regeneration boost.

Inferno Cloak

Inferno Cloak has epic reduced damage taken by 20% and boosted your speed by 10%, this can be obtained by killing the hydra boss.

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Tomoe Taiko

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Finally, the Tomoe Taiko can be obtained by defeating the Hydra Boss, which grants +10% health and an impressive +15% boost to fruit damage. With a drop rate of 0.9% for Tier 1.5% for Tier 2, 10% for Tier 3, and 15% for Tier 4, this accessory is a valuable addition to your collection.

You have been taught the easiest and most convenient method to get every accessory in King Legacy, which requires no time to accomplish the task.

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