How to Get Every Accessory in King Legacy

There are over 13 new accessories in Roblox King Legacy, and this guide will tell you how to get all of them. 

Most of the accessories are in the dungeon (normal raid mode). 

Blue straw hat and green, red, black and blue cloak you will get in between 1-15 waves in dungeon mode. 

Cloak increases 250 health + 1% damage in everything. 

Blue straw hat 100 health and 3% fruit damage, and you can get shoulder armor as early after five waves or after 15+ waves, depending on luck. 

Armor shoulder increases 1% health damage and 2 % melee damage. 

Now the next three accessories you get from the cake island.

For a biscuit shoulder, you have to defeat a biscuit man. Biscuit shoulder increases 3 % sword damage.

Next is the blue scarf; you have to defeat the dough master inside the mirror dimension to get it. 

It increases 5 % fruit damage and reduces others by 10 percent fruit damage.

Next is flame hair; you have to defeat Mrs. Mother to get this accessory. You also get a phoenix sword from here. 

It increases 7.5 % fruit damage. 

Now let’s get back to the Dungeon’s Gladiator Helmet. You can get ten waves before or after 15 waves.

It increases 4% melee damage and reduces 5% other melee damage on you.  

Next is the Blue Admiral Coat; it also drops in the dungeon, possibly after 15+ waves (not sure).

It increases 5% health and reduces all 5% damage.

You can get it by defeating a sea beast. There is probably a 5% or 1% chance of getting it.

It reduces 20% sea king damage and increases 2% all damage; it’s very good for farming sea beasts. 

The last one is a night necklace; to get it, you have to defeat Mike at wave 30, and there is a 1% chance of getting it.

It is very rare and it increases 10% sword damage and reduces 5% enemy sword damage on you.    

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