How To Use TNT | Roblox The Wild West

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to use TNT in The Wild West game.

In order to use a TNT, you will need a detonator. To get a detonator you first have to buy dynamite. They are available at any gun store. They are in the “special” tab and cost $20.

Now you need to go to the graveyard. It is NE of bronze city. Once you get there, look for the gravestone facing the wrong way and throw the dynamite at it.

Grab the key from the broken gravestone. Now go to the hunting cabin. You can reset so you can get there faster and spawn at the tribal village.

Now you need to go NE to the hunting cabin. Go behind the cabin and unlock the door.

Grab the detonator from the basement.

Now go back and buy a TNT from the gun store. It is in the special tab and costs $120.

Now equip detonator and TNT to use it. Place the TNT first and then the detonator at some distance. There should be a wire connecting them.

And then press E to detonate.

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