How To Get Fiber In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, you will find how to get Fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To craft fiber, you will need to get seaweed which can be found on the beach but also could be found in the ocean if you fish somewhere where there are no bubbles.

So fish anywhere in the ocean and there’s a chance for you to get seaweed. You can still get a fish too but there’s a much higher chance of getting seaweed.

You must try to bring Goofy with you because if you catch a seaweed, he’ll throw you another extra piece of seaweed. But make sure he has a fishing bonus or he won’t do that. Now you go craft yourself some fiber.

You can go to Scrooge McDuck’s place for the crafting table.

So go to the crafting table and then refine materials. You can make five fibers for one seaweed.

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