How to get Flying Gear Skin – Perfect World Mobile

This brief guide will learn how to get the Flying Gear Skin in Perfect World Mobile.  

The skin prize will be received according to the player class. War owl for untamed and gauzy finch for Elf class.

You have to collect four shards from the hidden quests. 

The first quest is called ”path to expert gardener”. Starting location is hermit village, etherblade. 

And here is the coordinate: 316, 299, 137. You will need to go to the Npc master gardener: Mr. lane. He will give several missions, which are quite easy. 

No special tricks needed here, just tap, tap and tap. At the end of the quest, you will be asked to wait till tomorrow. 

Until the seed grows into a tree, so this will be the longest quest. 

Right after the server restart, go back to Mr.Lane. You will find that the seed has now grown into a big tree. 

From here, nothing weird to do; tap, and you will receive a shard! 

For the second quest, go to the lost city and head to the spot shown in the image below. 

There you will find a huge windmill and 4 caravan members. It is suggested to do this quest at night (in-game time), because the NPC you are looking for only shows up at night. He will be standing next to the huge windmill.

Tap the bottom left corner of the map to see the in-game time. 

You will be asked to jump to the top of the windmill. And if you’re not good at the trick, this can be very difficult.

Next mission, you will have to kill a wraith scout. And that little guy is hiding, right on the cliff.  

Finally, we have another shard!

The third quest is called Archosaur City and Coordinate: 391,355,131. You will need to go to the south side.

Fly to the top of the tower; you will find men meditating and a spotted arrow. Tap action, and meditate on that spot. It will automatically trigger the event, and the NPC will pop up.

Your job is to light up the top of the head of the 4 giant statues. And this must be done in the correct sequence. You must have to remember this sequence.

And we have our third shard. 

Our last hidden quest will also be in archosaur city, Coordinate: 372, 353,270.  Go to the north area, drive down to the pool, and you will find a treasure chest. 

You need to find two items for this quest. A hammer from the blacksmith and tip of the spear from weapon storage. 

Finding the blacksmith is easy; open the map, and tap the NPC. 

And you will automatically move there. For the second item, go to the general mansion and get the item from the weapon stack. 

The location is at the southeast corner of general madison.  Go back to the treasure chest, and unlock it. Following is the correct answer:

Finally! We have all four shards, tap the crucible here and combine. 

Voila! The flying gear skin is ready!

Open the skin menu to equip the new flying gear. You will receive flying skin according to your class. But too bad this is not permanent but only for seven days.

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