How To Get Free Legendary Card In Frag Pro Shooter

This guide will provide you with all the methods to get legendary cards for free in Frag Pro Shooter.

#1: Season Pass

Every season you will get 2 legendary cards and if you have a season pass, then you will get 2 more legendary cards. And you get legendary cards at 36 and 72 levels.

If you have a problem completing 72 here’s a tip for you. Play every event, then you will get more experience than a normal match and can complete 72 levels very easily.

#2: Victory chest or normal chest.

You can see what you will get next in match-winning rewards To see that, you will need to click on the league, then click here to see the next victory reward (as shown in the image below).

Here is the golden chest. And if you have a higher winning strike, then you will get higher rewards like legendary card, legendary chest purple chest, all rewards are randomly selected.

Let’s see how much chance you have to get a legendary card in every chest. You see all the percentage of getting legendary cards in the chest. You can say, you can’t get legendary cards in normal chests. It is one of the best legendary cards in the game. You need to be very lucky to get a legendary card in a normal chest.

#3 Events

As you all know you get lots of legendary cards in your game. And if you complete that you will get legendary cards as well as diamonds. That’s how you get the event of Rolaf’s legendary cards.

And for completing this event, it works differently from the new card events.

For this event, matches are not 2x points and you will get 3 stars after winning the match. You need to collect 90 stars total in the full event, you will also get some other prize like. If you completed 90 stars, you will definitely be in the top 100 players and get a diamond + extra legendary card as a reward.

That’s why you win as many stars as possible because you will get more rewards. And If you want to see which legendary card event is coming in future, go to the event tab and then click on the calendar icon.

#4 Lucky Spin

There you can get lots of legendary cards. With the help of this spin, you can easily get Hannibal. This card is very powerful.


#5 Daily Missions

In-game, there are two chests that can be achieved by doing missions and/or killing frags (killing opponent players) in one day. As you can see one is a mission chest and another one is a frag chest.

If you select the chest mission and frag randomly, you can get legendary cards as a reward.

Here is the rainbow chest.

In the rainbow chest, you have 80 to 100% of a chance of getting a legendary card. And you can swap the card 6 times if you want.

As you all know in the new update we have lots of new missions and every mission has its own points and every chest also has its own points to open.

You can see the points of each mission here.

You need 15 points to open the Golden chest. After opening this golden chest, you can get anything like a legendary card or legendary chest. As you can see after opening that golden chest now the next is the legendary chest.

That’s how you can get anything like a legendary card or any chest. And this little little thing can give you lots of legendary cards.

#6 League rewards

As you all know, we get lots of rewards for completing our League.

First is on completing your 17,150 trophies in the League stage, then you can get a 100% legendary card. The second is on completing 19,490 trophies in League.

You can get legendary cards in the chest. And if you don’t have trophies don’t worry you can also get legendary rewards. You can get a legendary chest of 7,550 trophies. And for beginners you can also get legendary cards for only 2600, it’s very less.


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