How To Get Free X.Borg Tesla Maniac Epic And Layla Epic Skin

An event-related to Lethal Nexus came up in the mobile legends. This event is known as the Explore Erudition event. In this guide, you will learn the method to get free X.Borg tesla maniac epic limited and layla epic skin in the Explore Erudition event.

You can click on it and it’ll take you to the event in your phone browser but just in case if you miss clicking it or it didn’t show itself over there, you can go to events then go here.

Switch Panel from “Daily” to “Lethal Nexus” from the top and then go to “Explore the Map:.

From here you can also go to this event.

After clicking here it’ll directly take to your phone browser for the event.

So as it says, this event takes place in the Eruditio. You have to tap places on the map to explore this area. By tapping it you can explore cities and interact with things. By clicking that red circle, you’ll unlock a random character from Eruditio. It can be anything from a small robot to Beatrix herself. You have to read the character’s profile for 10 seconds to complete the task.

By doing this, you’ll get a chest that can give you rewards. It’ll also give you badges.

The more places you unlock the better rewards you’ll get. The map itself is in 3D instead of 2D and looks pretty cool. It’s name is “Iron Guardian.”

It sounds like a guarding robot kinda thing but there are many famous characters here like Layla, Xborg, Alpha, Beatrix and so much more.

So if you love card collecting games, this will be a little fun for you. You can also share this event with your friends VIA Facebook, Instagram, etc. And it will give you extra points too. And all your rewards will be collected in your email section which is right here.

Now coming back to the event, some easy one time doing tasks are these:

If you click on them they’ll direct you to tasks like watching lethal nexus trailers. All two trailers and comics will give you rewards and beneath that are the rewards for inviting number of friends here.

The rarest thing from here is the magic potion which can be obtainable just by inviting two friends and on the left side is the exploration rewards and apart from the trail cards of rare skins.

Here you can see that you can get a chest at the final place which says that you have a chance to get X. BORD TESLA MANIAC EPIC SKIN.

And there’s also a chest with a chance of Layla Blazing Gun Epic Skin too. There’s no percentage of chances of claiming it but there are some possibilities to have one.


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