How to Get Hardwood Using Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley

This guide will provide you with the fastest method to get Hardwood using Mahogany Trees in Stardew Valley.

The easiest way of getting Hardwood is by Mahogany Trees. The first step to being able to use a mahogany tree to your advantage is to get a mahogany seed. When you start the game, your farm starts with a few mahogany trees and seeds scattered throughout it. They’re pretty rare though and if you end up clearing out your farm and losing these seeds, then it will be difficult to find more. Luckily, there’s a very easy way to get more mahogany seeds, you just need to head down to the secret woods and kill a slime or two. These slimes are one of the best and easiest sources of mahogany seeds in the entire game.

When you get the seeds, then it’s time to actually plant your mahogany tree but you have to be a little bit careful about this part. Unlike your typical tree, these trees don’t have a guaranteed growth, they might not grow at all or they can grow very slowly. They are a little bit tricky which is why it’s very important to use tree fertilizer on them.

You can unlock the tree fertilizer at forging level 7 and it’s fairly cheap to make. It will greatly improve the chances that your mahogany seed will grow successfully and quickly, so it’s definitely recommended to use it.

Now once planted, your seed is going to take a while to grow. At this point, you do have the option of cutting down your tree, however, it is not suggested. Cutting it down does give you around 8-10 hardwood, but you can get so much more if you’re just a little bit more patient instead of chopping down the tree, you need to let it grow and just check back here in a few days.

So if you go back after five days, you will see that there are seeds that are growing around the mahogany tree.

After instant growing, you will find that you now have three trees and you have to wait five more days and check back in five days

Later you’ll find that you already have three more trees that are ready to go. At this point, you can put a tapper on these trees and start getting some sap out of them and that would be a pretty good source of getting consistent sap as well as hardwood.

At this point, your tree field is super big and you’ll be quickly getting more and more seeds every day. So once you have a nice amount of trees, you need to shake all of them once every few days and you will get some mahogany seeds pretty consistently.

When you feel like you’re starting to get a pretty good amount of mahogany seeds every time you go through and shake all of your trees, then this is the time to start cutting down your trees.

Because you’re getting enough seeds that you can replace the trees that you cut down and you can consistently keep up this high amount of trees in this little area. You can so quickly get a large number of trees in such a condensed little area with this little method.

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