How to Get New Clothes & Change Clothes In Red Dead Redemption 2

In this article, you will get to know how to buy new clothes. Also how to change and modify your clothes. And how to get cool clothes by hunting legendary animals.

If you want to buy new clothes you have to go to any general store. General stores are located in the towns. Sometimes there’s a specific tailor for a town. These are the complete set of clothes.

Then you’ve to go there and pick the clothes you want to buy. Every single town in the game has new outfits.

You can also buy each of the items of clothing from there individually.

And there are so many cool designs which you didn’t even think to make up yourself.

If you want these outfits or any individual item to appear in the outfit section of your wardrobe you have to buy it from the store.

To change your clothing, you have to go to any wardrobe. You can find it at your main home camp or if you rent a hotel room. If you are at a tailor shop or general store, You can go to the closet section and hold a triangle, If you are on PlayStation 4 & Y if you are on a X Box One and try all the clothing items that you have. You can also press square on PS4 or X on X Box One to modify the outfit.

Here you can change your dress like you can roll up the sleeves or open up the collar and put the boots over the pants. If your clothes are dirty you can change the clothes instead of taking a bath. It will not clean your dirty face but by doing this, you can change the shirt which has blood on it or whatever.

If you will hunt the legendary animals, you can go to trapper.

Trappers will buy them from you and give you some cool clothes based on those animals. Especially the only clothing you can get by hunting legendary animals and it’s worth it.

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