How to Get Sign Melee Weapon In Roblox Zeppelin Wars

This guide will let you know how to get the Sign Melee weapon in Roblox Zeppelin Wars. You will get to know where and when the sign spawns.  

The first step will be to spawn as a pilot to get explosive and pilot a plane.

Once you get on a plane, you have to go towards this island and then land your plane on the island. 

Now, you will need to place your explosive on this Going Up! Sign, not to be confused by the turtle island sign. 

You can reset to get more dynamites, but for any reason, the sign detached with just three dynamites and not 5; this usually should not happen. 

And here it is.  

You have to click it to pick it up, and that’s all now you escape the island with your plane.

This weapon is temporary, which means if you die or leave the server, it won’t save, and you will have to do the steps again. It deals 100 points of damage. However, it won’t damage planes. This characteristic makes this weapon the second one with the highest damage value, the first being the doom hammer. 

There’s one more thing that the sign on the island spawns once per match, meaning that only one player can get it per match. 

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