How to Get the Duffle Bag in GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to get the Duffle Bag in GTA 5 Online after Patch 1.52. You will need an oppressor for that.

You have to get your terrorbyte and go into the touch screen. Click on CLIENT JOBS and then select Robbery in Progress. After that, click on the Confirm button. 

It will start looking where this job is going to take place on the map. It will provide you with the exact location where you need to go. 

After that, ride on your oppressor and reach the exact spot to start the mission. Once you reach there, you will need to kill everyone, even the cops. 

Once you kill each one of them, make your way inside of the bank and kill the person that has the bag. Then take the bag after killing him. 

Now, move outside the bank but there will be some cops out there. You will need to counter all of them and ride back on your bike. 

You will need to ride the bike to the drop off location, it must be right under your bike. Then you have to jump on your bike, open a parachute and land straight on to the yellow mark. But if you are not able to land on it, then you have to run towards it and deliver the gold

After that, ride back on your bike and go to the nearest Gun Store on the map. Move up the Gunsmith and get a parachute. 

After that, go to your Interaction Menu and navigate to Style. Go to the parachute and turn it on to wear the parachute on your back. 

Exit the store and now ride on your bike. Now, you will need to go to the Mask Store. Once you get there, fly up high in the air, jump from your bike and then open up a parachute. You have to land straight on the desk of the store, as shown in the image below. 

Spam the d-pad and then edit the saved outfits. Save the outfit that you have on, so the parachute will fall off. 

After that, go to your Interaction Menu and navigate to Style. Put on the outfit that you just saved and you will have a Black Duffle Bag.

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