How to Get the Water Talisman – Sifu Trophy Guide

This guide will let you know how to get the Water Talisman trophy in Sifu. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to get it. 

You will need to spare the 3rd boss rather than kill to get this trophy. 

The first phase is business as usual; just beat the boss the first time to trigger phase 2.

It’s easiest to avoid her attacks and wait to jump in to attack.

In phase 2, you have to stun the boss two times to get the prompt to spare her, do not finish here.

It is the best time to block her attacks and increase her stun bar when she rushes in.

Do not finish her!

You will need to continue blocking attacks when she rushes to get the stunning bar back up.

You will get a spare prompt on the left D-Pad when you stun her the second time.

Even if you redo it, the talismans remain unlocked after the battle, so focus on stunning her.

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