How To Make Survival House In Minecraft

You can build a Cozy Survival Starter House in the forest in order to start your survival world.  In this guide, you will learn how to build a Cozy Survival Starter House in the Minecraft game. 

Materials Needed

Start by choosing a place and building a two block high circular fence.

Make a three block wide gap for the entrance.

Now add some wood blocks at both sides then join them to make a doorway.

Make some parts of the fence three blocks high.

Now place wood slabs, trapdoors and fences randomly on top of the fence made of spruce wood logs.

After that add wood stairs around the door at both upper corners of the door frame and also inside corners of it as shown below

Add spruce trapdoors over the door frame as well

Now strip some random logs in the fence. Swap some oak logs for spruce logs in the fence to bring in more colors.

Now place lanterns all over the wall.

Now go inside the boundary and place wood logs by following the pattern shown below.

Now add more wood logs to make the 4 block height of left and right side pillar point, and five block height of the middle pillar point.

Do the same with the other five points, where height of the middle point should be five blocks and four block height of the other four blocks around it.

After that connect these pillars 

Now keep developing the structure by following the procedure below

Then place three spruce logs at right side and three at left side, two stairs, one at surface and one at lower side of the wood garder, and trapdoor in the middle.

Do the same with the bigger side of the structure, just need to add six spruce logs on each side.

Now place two logs and then two stairs over it at the corner of the room. 

Now add two trap doors over these stairs.

Now add two more oak logs over trap doors  

Repeat this at all corners and also at the middle(wall part) of the doors. Then place some stripped logs and spruce logs also over the wall and pillars.

Now add slabs at four outside corners of this room.After that add stairs on both bigger sides of the room.

Now also add stairs on other two sides as well

Now add two slabs on both sides of the stairs and place one spruce log in the middle.

Now add stairs on all remaining area

Now cover up the remaining area with oak slabs.

Now place trap doors all around the building right at the bottom where we started adding the stairs.

And also add torch light on the bright side of the oak logs.

Now move to the other side of the house. Place two wood logs at corners of the pillars and then stairs over these blocks.

Now add spruce fence gates to join the outer pillars except the front two.

Place a slab at the base of the top wood log at the front pillar.

Then make stairs coming out of this slab and make stairs around all outer pillars.

Also cover up the upper gap with wood logs and slabs.

Put trapdoors right at the top of five pillars. Also place trapdoors at the four corners of the roof as well.

Now add torch lights at all sides of the pillars

Now make a ceiling of spruce trapdoors.

Now make stairs in this little room which will go to your underground mine

Replace the dirt blocks with wood logs and connect these wood logs with the middle pillar that we made before.

Now dig holes and place water in it and also add hay bales around these water holes.

Then strip the grass in this particular area and add some leaves, so it would look like bushes.

Then scatter some seeds in this particular area.

Then choose an area and put a fence to make it a separate portion of the house.

Now place five barrel blocks near the outer one wall. Then place five hay bale blocks and some leaves near the same wall but at some distance to barrels.

Then come outside and place five barrel blocks near the wall

Then place some chest boxes over and around these barrels.

Also add some leaves in all corners of the house.

Now strip the grass around the main door of the house.

Now add some podzol and coarse dirt to decorate the ground.

Now go inside the room and dig till you get hard ground

Then make the floor with barrel blocks.

Make a ceiling with spruce planks.

 Make one block hole in the ceiling and Place ladder so that you can go above as well. 

Place a cauldron and add water in it and place a tripwire hook .

Now place a smoker and place spruce stairs and blocks beside it.

Add spruce sign in front of slabs and spruce blocks 

Place barrels with ceiling as well

Then add a hopper

Then attach a spruce trap door under the hopper.

Then place item frame over spruce slab and put a bread over it

Place another item frame over spruce slab beside cauldron of water and put an apple over it.

Now make a little dining table and chairs with the help of slabs, trap doors, fence and sign boards.

Place a bed in one corner of the room as well

Place a chest box also

Make a shelf with trapdoors and chains and put two more chest boxes and a pot with a flower on this shelf.

We can replace trap doors with glasses, trap doors which we have added while making the outer structure.

Now go above in the upper portion of the room to decorate it. Add five barrels blocks with one wall

Place a lantern and some barrel blocks 

Add some chest boxes in empty places to store things as well. 

Place a grindstone as well

Place two double chest boxes, a smithing table and stone cutter at the opposite side wall to the barrel wall.

Add an anvil also beside the smithing table.

The cozy survival starter house is fully developed.

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